Our Mission:

We at Northridge Dental are committed to providing every patient with excellent and individual dental care in a warm and caring environment. Our patients will be treated like family by our highly skilled and extraordinary team, to deliver the highest standard of overall health.


What’s Different at Northridge Dental?

Beyond his professional expertise, Dr. Haft and his team are warm, friendly, and supportive. Genuinely caring about each person who steps through the doors and are dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized treatment.    

Our team adheres to a Code of Ethics and a standard of practice established by the American Dental Association.  Our office delivers above standard of care treatment and we are genuinely concerned about your health, your well-being and the quality of care you receive.

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Dr. Haft and his team look forward to welcoming you. We would be honored to help you achieve your best smile –  one that is healthy, functional, and beautiful.

Please contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment at Northridge Dental, for yourself or a loved one, today!

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